We started our day with a delicious breakfast and headed over to the Iringa Diocese office to learn more about the partnership and what it has meant for people in Tanzania and St Paul.  We once again learned how very important it is to have regular visits to strengthen the relationship.  We also had the opportunity to visit Radio Furaha. Jim and Caryn had the joy of meeting their goddaughter and her family.  After lunch at Neemas Crafts we toured their facility.  They provide employment for people with disabilities by making beautiful crafts.  Expect to find some of their items at our auction in November! In the evening  we headed to the Sunset Bar to watch the sun set over Iringa.  We finished the evening packing to head out to Bomalang’ombe Tomorrow!

Jim and Caryn with Trifaina


Lunch at Neemas. The jacaranda trees are in full bloom