Betsy Hoium - January 12, 2020


Why Church?

Jesus heals a paralytic and eats with tax collectors. (Psalm 103:6-14) People are clamoring to get near Jesus. When the crowds are so great, a group cuts a hole in the roof to lower a friend through to be healed by Jesus. They used creativity to figure out how to connect with Jesus. Jesus, too, reimagines what it means to be a follower when he seeks out Levi, a tax collector. People often think of church as unchanging — “we’ve always done it that way.” That is not the tone set by Jesus! Why church? Because church encourages re-imagination!

Scripture References: Mark 2:1-22

From Series: "Why Church?"

This Epiphany season, we will be exploring the question, "Why Church?" As you know, people come to church for a variety of reasons - community, obligation, or even for the coffee. But those are surface level reasons. When we really look deep into the "why" of church, it's all about what God does in our hearts: transformation. And, that's what people are seeking, to be transformed! So why church? Because church...

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