Peter Christ - March 5, 2023

I wonder...if fairness matters?

Jesus presents another parable, describing how the kingdom of heaven creates very different expectations for the world we’ve grown accustomed to, when keeping up with the Joneses won’t do us any good.

Scripture References: Matthew 20:1-16

From Series: "I wonder..."

For as much information as we have at our fingertips about the world around us, the life of faith remains filled with mystery. Whenever we go looking for a definitive answer (is it black or white? yes or no? up or down?), we might be surprised to learn that the answer could be neither, both, or something else altogether. Perhaps all this mystery might be serving another purpose, to engage our minds and bodies in an exercise that takes us somewhere much deeper. During these weeks of Lent, let’s wonder together just what God might be doing and where God might be leading us.

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