Young Adults, LCM, and the Future of the Church

Lutheran Campus Ministry-Twin Cities bears witness to the love and mercy of Christ in the midst of 55,000 young adults at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  We often talk about young adults as the “future” of the church, and fail to understand the ways they are shaping it now, in the present.  

As we move into a new, post-pandemic life together, we continue to learn so much from the young adults in our midst.  Whether bearing the weight of mental illness, entrenched polarization, or the deepening climate crisis, young adults are learning what it means to be resilient and faithful amidst a world that will likely be uncertain for a very long time.  

And still, or maybe because of this uncertainty, students are actively engaged with their faith.  They are hungry, and they show up to pray, to serve, to learn, and to worship together.  More than anything, they show up to connect, and to center down in the love of God.  At LCM, we see first-hand the incredible work of the Holy Spirit, who animates these young adults and our ministry among them.  

We are excited to let you know that Emma Gray, a student at the U of MN, will be preaching on April 14, proclaiming the Gospel, and sharing stories about their life as a young adult. During the Sunday Forum, Emma will be joined by other leaders of LCM-TC to describe how campus ministry contribute in significant ways to realize God’s vision in the world.

We are also excited to thank you, and to invite you into further partnership with this ministry.  Your support matters now as much as it ever has, and Prince of Peace will be taking a special offering in support of this vital young adult ministry.  Please consider making a gift that day, and thank you for being church together.  For more information, visit