Mission and Identity

Prince of Peace is a dynamic and healthy congregation located in Roseville, Minnesota. We have 400 members with an average Sunday attendance of 150, and 20 families with school age children. We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation and welcome all who seek to experience the joy of God’s love and grace. We endeavor to live into our calling to be a vibrant community that seeks a transformational relationship with God, our neighbors, and one another, while responding authentically, creatively, and justly to the most compelling needs of our community. Our Mission, Vision, Values and Welcome Statement.

Job Summary

Prince of Peace’s Director of Children and Family Ministry will develop, lead, and direct ministry for families and their children through the elementary school age. Working with our Director of Youth Ministry, they will also provide middle school programming, including confirmation. The Director of Children and Family Ministry will collaborate with staff and leaders to create a dynamic ministry that engages kids and their families as a vital part of the congregation and important partners in supporting the overall mission, vision, and values of Prince of Peace. This position is 25-30 hours per week and reports to the Lead Pastor.

Desired Qualifications

  • A collaborator who enjoys working in an established ministry environment and shows a willingness to innovate, create, and explore new ways of doing ministry with kids and families as needed.
  • Demonstrated leadership, organization, communication, and planning skills.
  • Background and/or education in children’s ministry/education, youth development, and/or other relevant area as well as a minimum of 2 years of CYF ministry pre-pandemic is preferred.
  • Professional work ethic, positive attitude, and commitment to the mission, vision, and core values of PoP.
  • A maturing faith grounded in a deep understanding of ELCA theology

Essential Functions

  • Work with staff and volunteer leaders to plan, coordinate, and lead CYF Ministry programs.
  • Engage in ongoing relational ministry with kids and their families and maintain an outreach presence in the larger community.
  • Recruit and train volunteer leaders to support children’s ministry, including (but not limited to) developing faith education programs for younger children, confirmation for middle schoolers, and worship engagement and leadership in our kids. Sunday morning education and some Wednesday evening programming is the current norm at Prince of Peace.
  • Create and support a ministry with clear and regular milestones as well as special events for kids and their families.
  • Communicate with staff, families, and the congregation about upcoming events and schedules, providing weekly written content promoting CYF opportunities specifically for families and more broadly to the congregation.
  • Work with volunteer leaders to promote, plan, and lead summer programming geared especially for kids and their families and inclusive of the whole congregation. (Examples: Service & Learning fieldtrip, community Potluck Picnics, partnerships with other congregations etc.)
  • Adhere to and maintain “safe church” policies, including monitoring volunteers that work with children and youth.
  • Develop and monitor an annual budget for CYF Ministry.
  • Regularly attend and participate in PoP staff meetings.
  • Participate in CYF ministry continuing education and networking opportunities.

  Collaborative Functions

  • Participate in the worship planning process to advocate for and integrate CYF faith formation within the regular worship practice of the congregation. This includes, but is not limited to, children’s story/message, embedded Sunday School, Prayground and Creation Stations, and special services.
  • Work closely with PoP lead pastor and staff to create, plan, and implement the confirmation program, including learning, worship, service, and retreat opportunities.
  • In support of annual programmatic themes, and in partnership with the youth director, create regular programs, events, and service opportunities for the congregation that include kids and their families.
  • Collaborate with staff and volunteers for larger events, milestones, and transitions in CYF ministry.
  • Seek out partnership with area congregations and ministries to expand CYF ministry opportunities and increase sustainable viability.
  • With staff, promote the CYF program and manage the paperwork and important forms like registrations, emergency contact, photo and social media usage etc.

Core Competencies

  • Mission Ownership: Understands and fully supports the mission, vision, and beliefs of Prince of Peace, and can consistently demonstrate those core values to others through word and deed.
  • Compassion and Care: Exudes a spirit of care and compassion to children, youth, and their families, offering them a ministry of presence and support. Possesses a natural affinity for kids, teens, and their families, a clear understanding of youth culture and family systems, and a maturity of judgment in personal life and values.
  • Leadership Development & Collaboration: Cultivates a culture of collaboration and support for CYF ministry across the wider congregation by building upon a base of supportive adult leaders and volunteers within the congregation. Is also committed to developing emerging youth leaders, encouraging them to take leadership roles in the church and wider community.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Curious about new and innovative ways for engaging young people in their faith at PoP and in the wider community. Not afraid to take risks and experiment with fresh approaches for doing ministry, attentive to the gifts and creativity of others; demonstrating good judgment about what ideas and suggestions will work.
  • Effective Communicator: Consistently and carefully communicates ministry opportunities and programs to youth, their families, and the wider congregation in both written and verbal form. Communicates in a spirit of joy and enthusiasm, sharing with all the vision of POP and its youth ministry program. Deliberately reaches out to all POP families, striving for the inclusion of all families in POP’s CYF ministry.
  • Sense of Belonging: Generates a sense of belonging by their very presence; communicates availability, warmth, openness and approachability; fosters natural connections between members of the congregation and with visitors; supports a culture of belonging and connection in the life of the congregation.

TO APPLY: Send a short cover letter and your resume to Melanie Hill (revmelaniehh@gmail.com).