Do you have a favorite song?  If you’re one to whistle or hum, do you have a go-to melody that comes to mind?  What is the “ear-worm” you couldn’t get out of your head recently? (Apologies if just asking the question made it return once more!)

On Sunday, we’ll hear the story of Paul and Silas when they come to be imprisoned in Philippi, along the north coast of the Aegean Sea.  Acts 16:25 tells us that one night, while Paul & Silas were “singing hymns to God,” an earthquake shook the foundations of the prison, opening all the doors and unfastening all the chains.  Once again, God’s activity in the world is oriented towards freedom and release. Aren’t you curious what hymn was so powerful that it might have initiated an earthquake?

Also on Sunday, we’ll be treated to the music of our various choirs and ensembles who have so faithfully led the congregation in its song this past year.  We give thanks to God for the gifts they so generously share with all of us.  And we recognize how central music is to our practice in the life of faith.

How have you been shaped my music in your own faith life?  Are there particular songs or hymns that carry added meaning for you?  What sorts of musical experiences make your own worship more meaningful?  Know that our worship planning team is always eager to hear from you on what ways music might connect you to your faith even more deeply.

Take some time today to sing or hum a good tune that comes to mind.  As you do invite God into that moment with you.  You may not be subjected to a response as powerful as an earthquake but you might just be freed up enough to see the world around you a little differently today.

May God’s peace some to you. – Pastor Peter

Let us pray…

“No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that rock I’m clinging.  <br>Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?”


(My Life Flows On in Endless Song, ELW 763)