Walt Wangerin, “Water, Come Down!”

Today’s Author: Anne Christ

Walt Wangerin’s book. “Water, Come Down!” has become a favorite of ours, starting with when we read it to our babies, and now as a gift to others in our lives on their baptism days. Beyond the need for baptism to cleanse us from sin, I love the occasion of baptism for its claiming and welcoming aspect.

Hospitality seems to be an ongoing theme in my life, from growing up with parents who entertained a lot, to working in outdoor ministry, hotels, restaurants and now even in funeral directing. Hospitality’s definition is, “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” Wait. Isn’t that exactly what we’re called to do as Christians? And aren’t we lucky to have received that gift of hospitality when we were baptized?

I’m grateful for baptism. For that holy sacrament of God coming down to us, naming us, claiming us as his own. For all the labels I’ve worn in my life: mother, wife, funeral director, daughter. Nothing is as all-encompassing as my first name: Child of God.

“All of us now, in earth and in heaven,
One mouth, ten mouths, ten million and seven,
Greet you, friend. We’re glad you came – So glad we stand an applaud.
And we call you by your brand-new name;
Beautiful, beautiful child of flame,
You are the Child of God.”

Walt Wangerin, “Water, Come Down!”

Let us pray… Welcoming God, encourage us daily to demonstrate radical hospitality. -Amen.

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