Special Council Update – Roof Project
Michael Stetzler, President

I am pleased to report that plans to move ahead with the roof project and interior roof access are now in place and the projected cost is below the $304,000 authorized by the congregation. The estimated cost will be approximately $294,665. Here is summary of actions taken by the Council and associated costs:

  • $239,290  Roof Repair – B & B Sheet Metal and Roofing. On January 4, in an electronic vote, the Council accepted the recommendation of the Roof Team to award a contract in the amount of $239,290.00 to B & B Sheet Metal and Roofing for replacement of areas of the church roof.
  • $11,697  Project Management – Dan Neujahr.  At the regular meeting on January 11, the Council discussed a motion to approve contracting with Dan Neujahr to act as Project Manager for the roof and related projects.  The motion was tabled to get more information about a related insurance question and then approved by electronic vote on January 19.
  • $20,000  Mechanical/Electrical Work – (Contractors to be determined). This amount will be budgeted to cover the cost of disconnecting, moving and reconnecting electrical and heating/air conditioning equipment in the course of completing the roof.
  • $23,678  Hatch/Stair/Wall – DNR Construction.  DNR Construction will install an interior access to the roof in a corner of the existing reception room.
  • $6,575.00 Parapet Work – DNR Construction.  This work raise the edge of the roof to match any increase in the thickness of the new roofing material.

  $294,665 estimated total cost.

While these are the best estimates available at this time, there may be some unanticipated expenses and cost increases along the way.  None the less, the outlook for a successful project within the approved amount looks good.

In an unrelated action, the Council approved a motion “to authorize James Ericksen to form a temporary committee to investigate the cost and feasibility of placing solar panels on the new roof.  The committee will share their findings with the congregation and if possible present a proposal to accept a bid at the semiannual meeting in June or at a special meeting”.