Legacy of Joan & Jim Goepfert

by Cindy Senarighi 

Joan & Jim

When Pastor Bob Bragstad visited a young couple in their new home in Roseville, to invite them to a new church plant at the local high school, I doubt anyone knew that it would become a relationship that would grow and sustain a faith for a lifetime. The relationships that grew out of their participation at Prince of Peace were the best of what a church community has to offer. My parents lived out their faith in service at church and in the community, inviting people to Prince of Peace and then being sure they walked with the new folks at church. 

As they walked the path of life through good times and illness they received in return the love and support of their church family that they had given, the best possible outcome and example of the mutual love relationship we have with God. So many stories were told at their celebration of life. Funny stories, stories of hugs, chocolate and a slipped $100 bill where needed. Going through the estate I found cards beyond number, saved for years as well as lists of where cards where to be sent, almost all from church friends. I found saved bulletins and devotions. We celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Prince of Peace. Most of all, when they could not go to church because of the pandemic the church came to them at a time when they needed them most with a drive-by birthday parade. Their hope for Prince of Peace was that it continue to serve the community and build relationships that reflect the love of God in Christ Jesus. 

Geneva & Barb

Remembering My Mom

by Geneva Lyman 

In my junior year of high school, I sang “In Remembrance” by Eleanor Daley. At the time I didn’t understand the poem. It was beautiful for certain, but it didn’t make sense. 

Now that a year has passed since my mother’s death the poem’s words make more sense. My mother can be seen in the flowers that bloom—her favorite being Irises. In her artwork that now adorns my new apartment in New York City. She is everywhere where beauty shines. Sometimes that beauty brings a smile, and more often a tear. But still, I remember, for she is unforgettable. 

Columbarium Statue Dedication

Those who passed during 2021 

  • Bev Bail
  • Kaye Clinton
  • Sheldon Ekstrom
  • Judy Florine
  • Marianna Forde
  • Jim Goepfert
  • Joan Goepfert
  • Val Hansen
  • Vicky Jacobson
  • Dorothy Mangle
  • Dorothy Smuder