The Ashworths

Finding Prince of Peace

by Michael, Martina and Schuyler Ashworth 

Early 2021 was lonely for our family. We felt isolated as we lived through the first pandemic winter. The holidays were spent outside or on Zoom, work and homeschool were indoors, and contact with our former church community was either without interaction on YouTube or uncomfortable, in-person meetings. For a variety of reasons, and under some of the hardest circumstances, we found ourselves searching for a new church. And we found Prince of Peace. 

In February, we started by sledding with other families at Parkview. We visited with PoP members for Coffee, Cookies & Conversation. We found that being involved with church didn’t have to go on hold for the pandemic, because virtual involvement was possible here. We were overjoyed! 

Monday Morning Work Crew

by Jan Hanson 

Eight years ago I made the decision to retire from a career that I had for 35 years. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life but was apprehensive and concerned about what I would do in my spare time…especially on Monday mornings without a job to go to! I then remembered my friends, Sandy and Dave Olson, had talked about how they were involved with other PoP members that met on Monday mornings at church. They told me that they did odd jobs around the building! I decided to give it a try and see what this was all about! 

After my first day I decided that I wanted to become a member of this Monday Morning Work Team! It was a great way to start my week and exactly what I needed! I enjoy helping with various projects and am totally amazed at what is getting done (repairing walls, painting, plumbing, cleaning upholstery and carpet and the list goes on and on). I so appreciate the friendship and respect that all of us have for each other. Roger Hintze is our lead, and the rest of the team consists of Sandy and Dave Olson, Jim Stillings, David Johnson, Dan Wagner, Bill Wachtler, Kathy Anderson, Janelle Ficocello, and me. 

The team generally works for over an hour and then sits together, socializing with coffee and treats for about 45 minutes…along with telling jokes and stories! Covid caused our group to shut down for many months, but we are currently up and running again…masks, distancing, and all! It is a total pleasure for me to be a part of this wonderful “behind the scenes” group of people who give their time, talents, good humor, and smiles in making sure that our church is in “tip-top” condition! Prince of Peace is blessed to have this team working for the benefit of all PoP members! 

Hellos & Goodbyes 

Said thank you and good-bye to Ruth Sorenson-Prokosch who served as Pastor of Visitation and Congregational Care from 2018-21. 
Cori Forcey served as youth director for 3 years. She is now completing her studies at Luther Seminary to become a pastor.
Julene Hawkins joined the Prince of Peace staff in July as our new youth director. 
Thank you to Melissa Burke for serving as our Director of Children’s Music for 15 years. While she is stepping down from this role, she and her family will still be part of the congregation.