2021 Generosity Worship Series

 “Growing in Christ, we plant seeds for the Kingdom; we follow in faith what’s begun! Lord, set in our hearts the pow’r of your word to spread the news of your son!” – Text & Music: Mark Glaeser & Donna Hanna, ELW 670

This is the mission of Prince of Peace: “We’re claimed, gathered, and sent to build the church and love the world.”  But these words only get us so far, we still have to do the building and the loving.  For the next few weeks, God’s story offers us special insight into how God is already at work in us, building us up so that we might be a blessing to our neighbors and to one another.  For this church to realize God’s vision, it will take people inspired to lead, props to support our work, and partnerships that expand our reach.  The good news is that God is in it with us and God has already provided everything we need to see this mission through.

October 24 – People Inspired to Lead
Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Teaser:  The vision God has for the world will require God’s people to use their abilities for the sake of all.  Being a leader in God’s church isn’t about being in charge, but rather setting an example for others to follow.  How is God inviting you to do the same?

October 31 – Props to Support Our Work
Text: 1 Kings 5:1-5; 8:1-13

November 7 – All Saints Day

November 14 – Partnerships to Expand Our Reach – Commitment Sunday
Text: Amos 1:1-2; 5:14-15, 21-24