Today’s Author: Deb Cordes

My friend is on her eighth round of chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. She is hopeful for the future but each setback or round of chemo seems to tax her harder. We chat weekly, just so she knows I’m there for her. Her work team has pitched in sick hours, covered her workload when needed, and let her know how valued she is.  

As we were chatting a couple of weeks ago, she stated for the first time that she was talking to her husband about “what if” and she stated she didn’t want to die but was OK since God was waiting for her on the other side. We’ve discussed our beliefs before in general terms but this was different. I asked her what she meant. 

Photo by Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash

She said that God had already seen her through the worst – surgeries, radiation, and chemo. She’s raged at God and begged for health. Now, she may be on a different path and her prayers are for peace and comfort for her family. I asked if I could help. She said, just keep us in prayer – it’s what we need the most. 

We started praying together, for each other. My request is that we all pray for each other as well as ourselves as a way to move forward in life. When I pray for others, I know God is also hearing what’s deep in my heart. 

God’s love to you. 


Kumbaya is a favorite plea song of mine….the word means simply “compassion”. 

Someone’s crying Lord, Kumbaya,
Someone’s crying Lord, Kumbaya
Someone’s crying Lord, Kumbaya.
Oh, Lord, Kumbaya.

Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya
Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya,
Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya.
Oh, Lord, Kumbaya.

Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya
Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya,
Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya.

Oh, Lord, Kumbaya.

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