The following motion was brought to the July 13, 2021 Congregational Council meeting and was passed with a majority vote.

Motion: To appoint a Roof Project Team to conduct the process of selecting a contractor to replace designated areas of the church roof. Dick Jacobson, Martina Ashworth, Dan Wagner and James Ericksen are the designated members. Dan Neujahr and Russ Stolle are appointed as industry liaisons. As congregational president, Michael Stetzler is an ex-officio member.

The Council authorizes the Roof Project Team to take the following actions:

  1. Establish a process for setting all the specifications to be included in
    the contract to replace the roof.
  2. Establish and conduct a process for soliciting and evaluating bids
    from prospective contractors.
  3. Select a recommended contractor and determine the terms of the
    contract; present these recommendations to the Congregational
    Council for approval.
  4. Establish a project management process that assigns responsibility
    for communication with the contractor, inspection of work in process,
    contract compliance and execution of mutually agreed upon contract

The Roof Project Team will have their first meeting on Friday, July 16.