Please read 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 19-20; 2:1-10

As we hear the story of Hannah this week, notice the role that prayer plays in Hannah’s life. During the grief and distress she feels at not having a child, Hannah prays. During the joy and excitement of having a son, Hannah prays. 

Prayer is not a magic box: put in a prayer, take out what you want. It is a vital part of being in relationship with God. Can you imagine being in relationship with someone you love without ever communicating? Prayer is one way we communicate with God and God communicates with us. In prayer, we share our feelings, our hopes, our disappointments, our dreams, and our fears. God listens. And in prayer, we listen to God. Prayer comes in all forms. We most often think of prayer as sitting with our hands folded and eyes closed. But prayer can be written, sung, walked, doodled, silent, yelled, breathed, danced, and more. As we enter into Hannah’s story, I ask that you think about how prayer has been a part of your story. What times of prayer have shaped your life? 

In Peace and Prayer, Pastor Ruth

Community Prayer: 
God who answers prayer, We are blessed and humbled that you hear us when we call to you in our time of deepest longing. Receive our gratitude for your listening ear. Amen.