Habitat has contacted us with a request for Holy Hammers volunteer help July 13 – Sept. 4. Some special processes are being developed with regard to Covid-19 (a required online orientation for volunteers before being able to receive the signup link, etc.) and as more information about these details is available, updates will be posted.

In the meantime, there is a request for 8 volunteers per day from July 13-Sept 4. We are trying to ascertain whether there would be any interest in volunteering under these conditions.

Special Holy Hammers need: Need 8 volunteers/day July 13 – Sept. 4
8 Weeks starting Mon., July 13 through Friday Sept. 4.

Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (limited hours to allow time for special cleaning before and after volunteers are working.
Location: 588 -590 Wells (near 2019 site)
Project: Twin houses (1 building), 2 stories (similar to 2019 build). Site will be capped, so we will be doing framing
Site Super: Terra Lumley (Terra may work only part of the week) and Shan (AmeriCorp worker from 2019 will also be there)
Requirements: Everyone must wear protective masks, gloves, etc. (TCHFH will provide if you don’t have your own)
Bring your own bag lunch
Workers will sign up on Volunteer Hub

Note: There will only be 8 Holy Hammers volunteers working on a twin home unit each day. (Habitat will have another group assigned to the other twin home)

A short Google Form survey has been developed which we would like you to use after you’ve decided whether or not you would participate in this plan. This will give us an idea of how many people would be willing to work on our revised project as described in the previous email with the conditions specified. Those bulletin points are placed in the beginning of the survey. The results of the survey will automatically be collected in a spreadsheet that the steering committee will have access to inform us as to what the Holy Hammers response will be to Habitat’s plan.

There will not be any attempt to assign slots by congregation nor will there be a dedicated Women’s Week. This will be an open signup to all Holy Hammers congregations across the entire time frame.

-Chris Henningson, PoP Holy Hammers/Habitat for Humanity Coordinator Contact Chris with your questions.