Every age has its challenges and blessings. Seniors Supporting Seniors is a new group for older adults (age 70 and up) to meet to talk about the joys and hardships of aging. Topics will include transitions, loneliness, creativity, health concerns, spirituality, and questions of purpose and using our gifts. This group will be facilitated by Pastor Ruth and Esther Tatley. Bring your questions and your experiences to this safe space for holy conversations. Please contact Pastor Ruth for more information.

The group meets on the Third Thursday of each month in the Reception Room.  Here is what is being planned for upcoming meetings:

January 16, from 1:00-2:30

Navigating Housing Options for Older Adults

Confused by all the different housing options for seniors? You are not alone! This month we have guest Mary Simon, LSW, from Lyngblomsten coming to talk us through all the options in senior living.

February 20, from 1:00-2:30


Loneliness is a real issue for older adults. Whether we are isolated because of retirement, living arrangements, stage of life, or the realities of an illness, loneliness is a quality of life issue. Join with others as we talk about the reality of loneliness and what can help.

Consult the church calendar for future meeting dates.