November 3 – As we celebrate All Saints Sunday, Marianna Forde will share with us remembrances of Gerhard Forde, seminary professor and husband.

November 10 – Council President Asitha Sandanayake will introduce the Annual Giving Campaign including an update from the Generosity Committee.

November 17 – The forum will introduce the literary prophets with a focus on Hosea, Isaiah and Jeremiah. (Narrative lectionary readings will be from these writings in November and early December.) The prophets brought a message that addressed the contemporary situation of the people of God. How can we apply their message in our current situation?

November 24 – Old Testament professor Mark Throntveit joins us to talk about the long lost book of the Law discovered in the temple during the reign of King Josiah. Who created this book/scroll, where did it com from, and how did it fuel a reformation in ancient Israel?

December 1 – You are invited to join in on the Intergenerational Thanksgiving weekend activity!