Such a wonderful worship this morning! Lots of singing and dancing and enthusiasm! Pastor Betsy preached on living water. At the end of the service we were told there was a surprise for us! The women were taken back to the sacristy where we put on new dresses that had been custom made for us from the fabric made the women’s batik group. The figure out our sizes from the picture we had sent! The women leaders all had similar dresses. We then went back out front and the men gave Jim and the pastors shirts, and we got quilted handbags. We now officially belong to Bomalang’ombe!

Ready for church

Dancing before the service

The presiding pastors

Pastor Tewele singing

The sound and music crew


Pastor Betsy preaching

A beautiful duet

Getting our dresses

Men lining up to give shirts and handbags

Pastor Msigwa’s handbag

Auction after the service