I’m a bit behind because Pastor Betsy has been doing an amazing job posting on Facebook! Monday we started with a visit to Nyamatonga which is the most remote. It is up in the mountains and very beautiful. We had a chance to visit with the evangelist in his home, and meet a few members of the Widow’s goat project. Our next stop was Ilole which always has a great children’s choir. The preaching point is close to Bomalang’ombe Primay school so many of the children visit us first at the preaching point and then again at the school. School isn’t in session, but many of the children came to greet us with singing and dancing, and presented us with drawings and handcrafts they had done. We handed out pencils to each student and gave a soccer ball to the school.

The new parish van with a spare tire!

Nyamatonga preaching point greeting

Introducing ourselves

The evangelists house

Solar electricity is ready to be connected. They have purchased plaster but it has been too wet to install

Mountain terrain

Two members of the widows group with their goats

Nyamatonga evangelist house with garden

Ilole preaching point

Presenting gift to one of our students

Bomalang’ombe primary school

Students giving us handiwork and receiving a pencil