2020 has arrived in the library…

Visitors to the library Sunday, April 28, stepped into a renewed library. There was a “hands-on” book fair for all ages, sharing of usage information, treasures from the past to 2019 dates, and blessings by Pastor Ruth and Pastor Peter. Book marks were available as well.

The renewed library was prepared by Dr. Victoria Jacobson and her volunteers who followed the new vision of the ELCA — Ethnicity, Equality and Justice. This is a new dimension to the library to coordinate with the ELCA as they prepare for the task ahead to address these topics in the church. The center book case holds books that are concerned with these concepts. There are books for all ages.

The library serves all ages “infants to seniors.” Books are now in place alphabetically by topic and subject. The guidelines for libraries published by the ELCA have been followed; so all is well organized and easy to use.

It was an exciting event for members and friends of all ages at the library. All were encouraged to have a “hands-on experience” with the books on display. Thanks to all of the children who attended and made the day very special. We look forward to their visits each Sunday.

A special thank you to each of you who gifted the library with recently published books. All PoP library users will be well-served by your generosity. If you have questions, feel free to call Vicky Jacobson at 651-484-3127. What a blessing the library will be for all.