Women’s bible study circles use a new bible study series January through May – on the Gospel of John.

The March women’s bible study will be “Friends for Life in Christ” and is in the church wide women’s GATHER Magazine.  It is the third of four in a series on The Gospel of John, meetings with Jesus.  Jesus transforms the lives of those he meets. This month we will examine the conflict over the Adulterous Woman (John 8), the healing of the blind man (John 9), and the raising of Lazarus (John 11). If you do not participate in a circle, you are invited to try out one of the following four circle gatherings.  Call a hostess for direction.

Rebecca Circle meets in the home on the second Monday, March 11, at 7 p.m.

               Hostess: Lois Johnson, 651-778-1978

               Bible Study Leader: Carol Swanson

Women of the Well Circle meets in the home on second Monday, March 11, at 9:30 a.m.

               Hostess: Esther Tatley, 651-490-5850

               Bible Study Leader: Esther Tatley

Lydia Circle meets in the church library on second Tuesday, March 12, at 9:30 a.m.

               Hostess: Maria Larson, 651-653-9108

               Bible Study Leader: Sharon Rachner

Ruth Circle meets in the church library on second Wednesday, March 13, at 1:30 p.m.

               Hostess: Jean Knaak 651-483-9261

               Bible Study Leader: Anne Haugan

Women’s St. Paul Area Synod Convention is May 3 and 4 at St. John’s Lutheran in Lakeville. The material offering is new socks and underwear for women and children for Lutheran Social Service.  Look for details in April VINE newsletter.  Collection will be in April.  Check for good buys NOW.

The magazine of Women of the ELCA “Gather” is used by the Circles for the studies. This magazine offers a mix of articles, theological reflections, devotions and stories of comfort and challenge that help readers grow in faith and engage in ministry and action.  The church has three copies available at the beginning of each month if you would like to try the magazine. Link to Gather Magazine