“I did it!” shouted Bridget excitedly, throwing her arms in the air.  She had just finished the assembly line, filling one of the children’s rainbow activity bags with new items for the Advent and Christmas season:  bag of crayons, coloring sheets, clipboard, Rubik’s cube, rubber ducks, puppet and 3 Christmas books.  “I love this!”  “Why don’t you do it again,” asked Michelle, their leader.  “I think I will!” responded Bridget.

She is one of five volunteers who now come each Friday to straighten the sanctuary, check the kid’s activity bags and help with other projects.  They are a group of developmentally disabled adults who volunteer through an organization called Kaposia.

The group volunteers at a different site every day of the week and both sides are loving their new partnership with Prince of Peace.  When they complete their work, one of the regular Friday morning bulletin volunteers serves them coffee or tea.

Recently the Friday morning volunteers and the Kaposia crew took a break from their volunteer projects for a Christmas lunch together.