I recently read a great article on MPR’s website about writing “legacy letters” (MPRnews.org Dec 17, 2018). Legacy Letters, also known as ethical wills, are letters you write to share while you are still alive about your beliefs, your values, and how you would like to be remembered.

They are a powerful tool to help you have conversations about what gives your life meaning and gives you hope that you wish to pass on to your loved ones. It is also a beautiful gift that you can leave behind after you die.

The MPR article listed some examples of the questions to reflect on such as

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What’s something you’ve learned from your parents?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • I love these reflection questions and have a few of my own to add for reflection:
  • What is your image of God and how has that shaped your faith?
  • Talk about a Scripture that has been important to you and why.
  • What about your faith gives you hope and joy?
  • Where have you seen the Holy Spirit at work in your life?

Another gift we can leave our loved ones is the gift of doing some pre-planning work around death and dying.

  • Do you have a favorite hymn that you really want sung at your funeral or memorial service?
  • How would you like your faith to be reflected through Scripture?
  • Do you have an estate plan? Do you have a living will or durable power of attorney?
  • Do you have charitable organizations that you would to donate to through your estate or memorials?
  • Have you talked to any family members about your wishes? Would they know what you would like?

These are important conversations that matter and sometimes we just need a little help to start the conversation. I am happy to meet with you to reflect and think through your own wishes, whether you want to plan your service, think through your end of life decisions, or how you communicate with loved ones.

We have a Prince of Peace planning guide to help get the conversation started. If you have specific plans about your funeral or memorial service we can keep a copy of those wishes here at church. If you would like to set up a time to talk please email me (ruth@poproseville.org) or call the church office.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Ruth