Go Christmas Caroling at Roseville Area Care Centers during the first three weeks of December. Members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church invite all to gather for caroling at the centers listed below at these dates and times. We’ll bring the song sheets and you can take a break from shopping and eating to spread Christmas cheer through Roseville. You can contact Peter Haugan for more info.

This is the schedule for the Caroling.

Mon., 12/35 p.m.Presbyterian Langton Place1910 West Co. Rd. D, 2nd flr.
Wed., 12/55:30 p.m.Eagle Crest “Commons”2945 Lincoln Drive
Wed., 12/56 p.m.Eagle Crest “Terrace”2945 Lincoln Drive
Thurs., 12/65:30 p.m.New Perspectives2750 Victoria Ave.
Mon., 12/105 p.m.Cherrywood Pt.2680 Lexington Ave.
Tues., 12/115:30 p.m.Cherrywood Pt.2996 Cleveland Ave.
Thurs., 12/135:30 p.m.Good Samaritan/Heritage563 County Rd. B
Fri., 12/1410 a.m.The Estates2727 Victoria Ave.
Mon., 12/173 p.m.Rose of Sharon1000 Lovell
Thurs., 12/206 p.m.Sunrise Assisted Living2555 Snelling Ave.


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