September Youth Update:

Summer is quickly coming to a close! As the youth are winding down summer, I look forward to the opportunities to engage with them on a more consistent basis. This fall we will dive right into Wednesday night program starting September 5th, and Sunday morning program which really won’t look “normal” until the end of September.

The goals in our youth program this fall are focused around relationships. First, building relationships with one another, and opportunities for me to become part of this community. The hour that I have spent with the youth thus far was a rousing interview where they threw questions at me ranging from “What music do you listen to?” to “How do you build community?” This group of youth is very clearly a thoughtful and engaging group of young people! I’m excited to see where we go with opportunities for fellowship in growth with both God and one another! Throughout our time together we will be exploring what a relationship with God means, and how that plays into our communion with each other.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting a large handful of congregation members, and some of our middle school youth as well. (Mini-golf is quite entertaining with 7 middle schoolers!) What an awesome community Prince of Peace is! I’m looking forward to being a part of worship on Sunday mornings, and all of the exciting plans coming up this fall. My understanding is that we will get to discover our inner-ninja together on Rally Sunday! How cool!?

Notes for prayer:

  • That the youth receive me as part of their community with open hearts
  • That God guides me as a leader to engage the youth with Him and our larger church community

Dates for your calendar:

  • 9/5/2018 – 6:30PM HS youth kickoff
  • 9/9/2018 -God’s Work Our Hands Sunday -opportunities for service! -More info to come!
  • 9/16/2018 -Rally Sunday! Find your inner Ninja!