From Matt Hogen, Congregation Council and Project Coordinator…

The project to resurface the parking lot is proceeding and I’d like to share some highlights of what we can expect:

  • The selected contractor is Asphalt Restoration Company (ARC), a locally-owned paving service based in Little Canada, MN.
  • ARC Co-Owner Ben Philipson met with Matt Hogen and Dan Neujahr on August 8 for a final project review and site inspection.
  • Weather permitting, the project will commence on Monday, August 20. The first 4-5 days will involve the removal and reclaiming of the existing asphalt and re-working the gravel sub-surface.
  • Traffic access to Prince of Peace will be maintained throughout the project length though the contractor may occasionally close off one driveway and building entries as necessary. We are preparing signage that will direct visitors to the accessible driveway, parking and entries.
  • A temporary parking lot for church and daycare staff will be located on the south lot near the gardens. Staff and regular visitors are asked to use this lot throughout the duration of the project. Visitors and handicapped parking access will be available near church entries but will move throughout the project period.
  • ARC is responsible for trenching under the new surface in two locations. A new power conduit will be run from the southwest corner of the building to the garage. Irrigation pipe will be laid under the south drive to allow for water to be brought to the garden area.
  • On Sunday, August 26, the parking lot will be compacted gravel and there will be some temporary markings to help provide parking guidelines. Parking in the south temporary lot will also be available.
  • ARC has scheduled paving to begin on Monday, August 27 and will be completed within 3-4 days. Once complete, a subcontractor will come in to paint the lot to mark traffic lanes and parking spaces. This work may occur in the evening or on the weekend following.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Matt Hogen
Congregation Council Member