As a host for the Karen gardeners, Prince of Peace Church members are responsible for supplying water for their gardens next to our parking lot. This involves maintaining and filling the blue water barrels that you see stationed at the edge of their gardens. We are in need of volunteers, a week at a time, to help with this task. The time commitment would be 45 minutes to one hour if all six barrels are empty. If interested, please contact Roger Hintze at 651-483-4080.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church provides water and land for the Karen Garden program. –

Click here for link to Karen refugees’ history–In 2005, the U.S. opened the option for resettlement for registered refugees from Burma living in nine refugee camps in Thailand. Many Karen families who fled Burma and Thailand have settled in Saint Paul, MN, which has become home to the largest and Karen groups in the U.S. The number of Karen living in Minnesota is estimated at about 7,500.