2018 Summer Worship Series

This series completed July 15th.

“[The book of Psalms] might well be called a little Bible. In it is comprehended most beautifully and briefly everything that is in the entire bible. It is a really fine enchiridion or handbook. I have a notion that the Holy Spirit wanted to take the trouble himself to compile a short Bible and book of examples of all Christendom or all saints, so that anyone who could not read the whole Bible would here have anyway almost an entire summary of it, comprised in one little book.” – Martin Luther (LW 35:254)

One of the the real gifts of scripture can be found in the book of Psalms.  The “psalter,” as it’s often referred, is really an ancient hymn book, like our own cranberry-colored ELW.  The various verses captured therein comprise the liturgies of the people of God as they practiced their faith through prayer, worship and other occasions in daily life.  The musical accompaniment has been lost in the centuries that have passed but the lyrics remain.

During June and July this summer, we’ll be drinking at the well that flows from this deeply rich resource.  We’ll start right at the beginning and finish right at the end.  In between we’ll explore the variety of types of psalms that can be found within the book.  Some psalms are for giving thanks, some give voice to our sadness.  Other psalms offer assurance or guidance, while others help us to offer praise.

So much of our worship practice is already shaped by this life-giving word.  Let’s spend these summer weeks going deeper still, re-discovering something old and familiar and possibly uncovering something exciting and new.  Here are the key texts that will shape our series:

Psalm 1 – An introduction to the Psalms – Sunday, June 10
Psalm 100 – A hymn of praise – Sunday, June 17
Psalm 13 – A prayer for help – Sunday, June 24
Psalm 23 – A psalm of trust – Sunday, July 1
Psalm 30 – A psalm of thanks – Sunday, July 8
Psalm 150 – A call to praise – Sunday, July 15