Milt Warkentien, Music Ministry Coordinator

Worship Schedule –Remember we are now on the SUMMER TIME SCHEDULE of 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.

June 3rd Graduation Recognition  Traditional with communion   Anthem: Milt Warkentien

June 10th  Traditional              Anthem: TBD

June 17th with communion (Hopefully a Big Band Service)    Anthem: Hopefully Big Band

June 24th Traditional              Anthem: TBD

July 1st Outdoors (weather permitting) at 10:00 only.      Anthem: Worship Team or Cheri

July 8th Traditional                 Anthem TBD

July 15th Traditional with communion         Anthem TBD

July 22nd Youth Gathering reflection and band led      Anthem:  Youth?

July 29th Traditional with communion       Anthem TBD

August 5th Traditional with communion      Anthem TBD


There will be a sign up sheet on the choir room door if you’re interested in providing music for the Anthem Slot. You are always welcome to provide other music, too. Just talk to Cheri about providing Prelude, Offering, or Postlude music. All are welcome!!!

As I’m writing this Pastor Lynn has had her final Sunday with us. It is sad to see her go, but exciting at the same time. We are starting a new chapter of Prince of Peace history and Pastor Lynn gets to start a new chapter of her life in Milwaukee. A departure and two new beginnings, with the one constant being God is there through it all.

I’m very sad to see Pastor Lynn go professionally and as a member. Professionally she was a delight to work with and had some great vision. I hope we can live up to her visions and I believe some of her visions may become traditions. As a member all I can think of is Jesus saying “Let the children come.” Pastor Lynn had a real gift for engaging our youngest members. How often did we see a child asking if they could go sit by Pastor Lynn? That kind of relationship doesn’t come easily and Pastor Lynn did it in well under her 15 months with us. What an incredible gift for our youngest members. What a vision of relationships Pastor Lynn has. How do we keep this vision alive and our youngest members feeling that comfortable and welcome?

Pastor Lynn also had a strong relationship with our oldest children, too; oldest children being our senior citizens. I say oldest children, because no one is ever not a child of God. I saw a new spirit in many of our elder members. They knew they still were a vital part of our congregation. How do we keep this vitality going? All members need to feel welcome and important and that’s not an easy task. We cannot expect any Pastor or Pastors to be responsible for this. It is a responsibility of the ENTIRE congregation. We all need to ask ourselves what we can each do to make this happen. What gifts can we bring to Prince of Peace?

The Time and Talent forms are a way this is possible. We have many committees, etc. Where do our strengths lie, and how can we use these strengths in service to Prince of Peace? We all have different schedules and talents, but ALL should be able to find a way to be engaged in the life of Prince of Peace. My hope is that all the relationship building that Pastor Lynn did, doesn’t go to waste. She showed us all what it feels like to be welcome and an important member of this church community. I feel the best gift we can give Pastor Lynn is to make Prince of Peace a place where EVERYONE feels welcome and important, and maybe tag a few Monarchs, too :).

Sadly, Erika Coe will be leaving us too, but we have a couple months left with her. And our youth need to know they are welcome and important. From the youngest to the oldest, LET THE CHILDREN KNOW THEY BELONG!!!

May God bless, Milty