Deb Cordes, 2018 Congregation Council President

President’s Update                                                                   May 22, 2018

Deb Cordes, Congregation Council President

Wow! I can hardly believe so much time has flown by! I thought it may be timely to update everyone on what’s been happening.

January: the congregation approved the MSET’s staffing recommendation. The configuration included:

Phase 1 – Adding:

  1. Faith Formation Pastor/Deacon. This is a full time position who will work in collaboration with Pastor Peter on developing and executing a relational ministry that enhances the spiritual and personal growth of our community and into the world. A Call committee was approved by the congregation. Members include Jennifer Duncan, Chair, Linda Wagner, Sarah Schreiner, Jim Josephson, Deborah Cordes and Ryan Burke. We reviewed the Ministry Site Profile, opened nominations for the position to the congregation and are working on interview questions.
  2. Visitation Pastor/Congregation Care Pastor/Deacon. This 15 hour per week pastor will work in collaboration with Pastor Peter to meet visitation and needs of our seniors. An interview team was passed by the Council and includes Esther Tatley, Ann Haugen, Gary Olson, Janet Schreiner and Pastor Peter. They’ve met, reviewed the position description, and interview questions are being created.
  3. The St. Paul synod will provide qualified candidates to each team. I’m not sure when the Visitation Pastor’s candidates will be provided. The Call Committee is slated to meet with Krista on or about June 6 for a review of the synod recommended candidates.

Phase 2 – (at a time to be determined) – Adding part-time positions:

  1. Children’s ministry coordinator – This position will work in collaboration with the Pastors to ensure the smooth execution of the children’s programs including Sunday programming, events and summer programming.
  2. Community Engagement Director will work in collaboration with the Pastors to ensure coordination of outreach ministry, new member orientation, volunteer coordination and data base management.
  3. Hospitality coordinator – This position will work with groups who use our space including kitchen management & oversight, supply management, equipment maintenance and volunteer coordination around event.
  4. Communications specialist – This position will ensure our message is available to all members and our larger community on a consistent basis through multiple media systems.
  5. Volunteer Parish Nurse who might support the visitation pastor

Youth Director– Erika is leaving us to pursue her master’s degree. We need to find another WONDERFUL person to replace her. The position description is in review. In the meantime, if you know of someone who is up to the job of creating relationship with youth, willing to lead life experiences for them and will help them grow in faith and love, please let Pastor Peter, Tara or me know….you could even send us all the information. 

Funeral Coordinator. Marge Beauvais retired. Originally, we thought we could wait to replace until the new Pastors were in place and perhaps, even to phase 2 and integrate into the hospitality position. Pastors Peter and Lynn held a listen session last week and the message was loud and clear – DO NOT WAIT.  The recommendation was for a funeral coordinator’s position that would charge for services similar to the organist, soloist position. (Yes, there is a provision for those who do not have an ability to pay). Personnel committee just completed position review. This is NOT a staff member of Prince of Peace – rather it is a contract person that the family of the deceased would have available to coordinate all aspects of a funeral. It is anticipated the position will be re-established at the next council meeting. So, in anticipation, if you know the perfect candidate, please let Peter, Tara or me, please have that person reach out to Peter, Tara or me (or all of us).

So that’s what’s up with Staffing.

FINALLY – after more than 6 months negotiations, Monarch/Caterpillar and Prince of Peace has executed a new lease based on the square footage used rather than a per child cost. Peter did a great job of driving the negotiations.

Budget – Semi- annual meeting is coming up on June 24. PLEASE plan to attend. With the new staffing in process, it’s important to understand the impact and opportunities we have. Chris Thornton, Treasurer is presenting and has done a wonderful job of making the numbers understood by all.

Parking lot – OK – it’s a mess and has been a mess for a while. It is WELL beyond its natural life. Our grounds committee over the years has done a noble job of repairing. I would love to tell you we can patch again but cannot. (Ok – I was hoping to delay this process til I was no longer president ;-)). Matt Hogen, Council representative for Property/Building, Brian Wolf, Dave Olson, Dick Jacobson, Dan Neujahr and Russ Stolle assumed responsibility for reviewing status, interviewing potential contactors and making recommendation on the best way to process. God’s Blessings on their work!  The recommendation is to replace the current roadbed with new surface and replace the current lighting. The cost is approximately $175,000 to accomplish this project. (OK – you can breathe again.) Caryn Josephson and Yvonne Miller have agreed to chair the fund raising component of this project. Please look forward to hearing more at the semi-annual meeting.

WHEW! Long letter. Thank you for your patience in reading this. I tried to keep it short but there was a lot to say.

Link to a pdf of the President’s update