A Community Conversation on Funeral Ministry

Monday, May 14 – 6:30-8:00pm @ Prince of Peace

One of the most important places for the community to show up is at times of death. Funeral ministry is an opportunity for the church to live out this calling in some truly meaningful ways. This has been a strength of this community for the past 60 years but times are changing. What will be the focus of our ministry at times of death be for the years to come?

Come trade stories, sing a hymn, enjoy a dessert. More importantly, participate in a conversation that will lead us in a clear direction for our efforts to care for the dying, the departed and those left behind. This is a ministry that touches every aspect of our church. Please consider how important it is that we hear your voice in this conversation.

Our goal is to come away with a guiding mission statement that can shape our funeral ministry as a whole. From this we can begin to answer more of the logistical “how to” questions that are swirling around within our community right now.