Milt Warkentien, Music Ministry Coordinator

Worship Schedule

April 1st Easter Sunday with communion     Chancel Choir and brass at both services

April 8th Band Led with an Irish Flavor    8:30 Chancel Choir   10:45 Lightshine

April 15th Traditional with communion    Bells of Peace at both services

April 22nd Traditional      8:30 Lightshine    10:45 Joyful Noise

April 29th Masterworks    Chancel Choir

May 1st Good Pellas Concert @ 7:00     Good Pellas is an extracurricular vocal ensemble at Roseville Senior High School. This is the second year we’ve been fortunate enough to host their final concert. They were incredible last year and I expect they will be incredible this year, too. There will be a free-will offering taken. Watch for details in the coming weeks!

We’ve been looking at Jesus’s “I AM” statements over Lent. As we head into Easter Sunday and the Easter Season, it is important for us to ask ourselves how we can live our life like Jesus’s I AM statements. Last month I used the phrase “I AM……Am I?” I’d like to look farther into that statement.

What global, continental and local issues are important to you? How do we support the issues that are important to us? How do we take the lessons our faith teaches us out into the world? I liked the image that Pastor Lynn used today: A finger saying Jesus is number one, or a finger pointing out others’ deficiencies. This image really got me to thinking about “I Am……Am I.” Jesus said he was many things. Are we saying “I AM,” or are we pointing our fingers and saying are you, or worse? Are we listening to others issues and trying to come up with solutions, or are we pointing our fingers and saying you’re wrong, or worse?

As we journey through this Easter Season may we be conscious of where our finger is pointing. Is it pointing skyward proclaiming Jesus as our savior and guide, or is it pointing at others, proclaiming what we see as their deficiencies and maybe ignoring our own deficiencies?  May we all keep our fingers pointing skyward. As many of our Easter hymns state: “Alleluia, Jesus is Risen!”