Milt Warkentien, Music Ministry Coordinator

Upcoming Worship & Music Schedule:

  • Sunday, Feb. 4: Traditional with communion, Prince of Peace Ensemble at both services, 8:30 Chancel Choir, 10:45 Joyful Noise
  • Sunday, Feb. 11:  Senior High Youth Led Services (Band Led)
  • Wed., Feb. 14: Ash Wednesday Services at Noon and 7:00 p.m., Chancel Choir at 7:00 p.m. service
  • Sunday, Feb.18: Traditional with communion, Bells of Peace at both services
  • Wed. Feb. 21: 7:00 p.m. Lenten Service (Holden Evening Prayer)
  • Sunday, Feb. 25: Traditional, 8:30 Chancel Choir, 10:45 Joyful Noise
  • Wed., Feb. 28: 7:00 p.m. Lenten Service (Holden Evening Prayer) Lightshine leading
  • Sunday, Mar. 4: Traditional with communion, Chancel Choir at both services

We’re already a month into 2018 and Lent is now just around the corner. This is always an interesting transitional period for me. Epiphany is one of my favorite times of the year, with the light imagery and service/discipleship texts and then comes Lent and eventually the suffering of Jesus. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get from the joy of Epiphany to the different moods I find myself in during Lent. This year Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day, and for me that seems so fitting; after all, love is what Jesus is all about. Jesus suffers and dies to save us from our sin. Can love be greater than that? This Lent I hope to focus on how I can take the joy of Epiphany and the love of Christ throughout my Lenten journey. As we journey towards the cross this Lenten season, how can you use the love of Christ in your life?

Pastor Lynn just preached about the ordinary being extraordinary. How can we, ordinary people, make a difference in the world? How can we, ordinary people show the love of Jesus to the world? How can we be living examples of the love Jesus showed all of us on the cross? I use the footprints poem often, but I feel it is very appropriate today: Jesus walking beside us when life is good; the love of friendship, and Jesus carrying us when life is hard; the love of our savior. Jesus calls us, the ordinary, to be a disciple. What an honor that is.

I love the hymn “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me.” This hymn talks about Jesus walking along with us in all our pilgrim journeys, through all our trials and troubles. I’ve always wanted a verse about walking with us through all our joys, too. I have had many more joys in my life than sorrows, for which I am grateful. My prayer for each of us this Lenten season is that we all know the love of Jesus and that we all know that we can be a difference in the world by sharing that same love.