The Social Concerns Committee hosts a gathering Jan. 17th (the 3rd Wednesday of each month) at 5:30 p.m. for dinner and discussion.  We have several events to talk about, and we are continuing ongoing discussion of what we can participate in as a congregation to further understanding on issues of race and equal justice in our community. Dinner will consist of Soup, Hot Dish, Salad and Peanut butter and jelly sandwich fixings. Everyone is invited to come, eat, and talk. Discussion will focus on:

  1.  selecting a book title for a book study with a focus on racism and/or the criminal justice system,
  2. selecting which groups or organizations will get offerings in the Lenten season,
  3. collecting over the counter medical items for the homeless in February,
  4. The Blood Drive in April,
  5. Possible showing of the film “13th”
  6. Marching as a congregation in the Gay Pride Parade in June.
  7. We will consider any ideas presented for things we can do together to advance issues of race, equality and justice.

Join us for good discussion and an exploration of the Great Minnesota Hot Dish.