Milt Warkentien, Music Ministry Coordinator

Upcoming Worship & Music Schedule:

  • Jan. 7: Traditional w/ communion – Chancel Choir at both services
  • Jan. 14: Band Led – 8:30 Worship Team, 10:45 Lightshine
  • Jan. 21: Traditional w/ communion – Bells of Peace at both services
  • Jan. 28: Traditional – Women’s Chorus at both services
  • Feb. 4: Traditional w/ communion – 8:30 Chancel Choir, 10:45 Joyful Noise

We just traveled through Advent and Christmas celebrating 60 years of worshipping in the sanctuary. We used the words dream, design, build, adorn and dwell for our Advent Wreath and Christmas Candle lightning. We looked back on those that brought Prince of Peace to life and pondered about whether or not we were being good stewards of Prince of Peace and what our future might look like. It seems as we’re constantly looking at who we are, with all the staff changes we’ve gone through the past few years. With all this I feel the most important word we’ve used is DWELL. How are we letting God dwell in God’s House? How are we dwelling inside, and outside, of Prince of Peace? As those who first worshipped in this space dreamt, planned, welcomed, adorned and dwelt of how to be God’s servants are we, too, still dreaming, planning, welcoming, adorning and dwelling? If we are not active in God’s service, what is the point of being a church? How can each of us use our gifts in Gods’ service, both, at church and in our everyday world? These are not questions someone else can answer for us. These are a questions we must all pray about, for it is each of our callings that we are thinking about. It is a calling that is causing our latest staff change as Tammy is now in Seminary and has decided to leave her position at Prince of Peace. I feel that WE (Prince of Peace) helped her in her journey. I know it’s been a long process for her and wish her all the best. I also KNOW that there will always be a bit of Prince of Peace lighting her way and in her preaching. Thanks for everything Tammy, it’s been a pleasure being on staff with you.

Just a quick reminder, all our musical groups are always looking for more participants. If you are interested in any musical opportunity just flag down one of our directors. We always prefer year long involvement, but know this isn’t possible for everyone, so we are accommodating to trying to be flexible to everyone’s needs. We can ALWAYS use more help at the sound board, too. John Hoops has stepped down after many years of faithful service and Eric Wetteland has come on board. Please take time to thank John Hoops for his service.

Tammy has always been a huge supporter of my music and so I leave us with my song “O Come and Walk with Me: This song is written as Jesus calling to us from the tomb.

O Come and Walk with Me

  1. I am always there for you my friends. My love for you never ends. When life beats you down, I’ll carry you. I’m with you in all that you do. (Refrain) I give my life, so you can be free. My friends; believe in me. Oh come and walk with me.

  2. I’m the Light for all who long to see. I’m the Way that sets people free. I’m the Strength for all who are in need. I’m the Voice that you should all heed. (Refrain)

  3. I’m the Peace the world so longs to know. I’m the Love that you should all sow. I’m the Hope that God has sent to you. I’m the Life that makes all things new. (Refrain)