Adult Forum meets during our Education Hour on Sunday mornings, 9:40am to 10:40am.

January 7– DO GOOD ROSEVILLE Two women decided to provide a forum for community discussions.  The result is Do Good Roseville, which has arranged many opportunities for faith groups and the larger community to discuss issues of interest.  Prince of Peace helped them become a nonprofit with one of our grants. Come to hear how they have teamed with the library to organize the heavily attended “Ask a ­_” series.

January 14 – CONGREGATION COUNCIL PRESENTS MSET FINDINGS  The Mission Staffing Exploration Team (MSET) was charged last fall with determining an ideal staffing configuration to realize the evolving vision of the congregation.  They have completed their work and made a proposal to the congregation council.  On Jan. 28, at its semi-annual meeting, the congregation will be asked to endorse this vision and form a call committee in response to added pastoral leadership the configuration imagines.  During this community conversation, leaders will share more information on the process that was engaged as well as the shape of the findings that resulted.  Attendees will have a greater opportunity to learn and ask questions in advance of the the Jan. 28 votes.  A second, identical presentation will be offered at 12pm this day as well.

The prior forums for January 14 & 21 have been consolidated for Jan 21.

January 21– Religion and Disability  In 2010, the Evangelical Church in America made the following provocative statement in their publication, A Message on People Living with Disabilities:

Just as in Christ “there is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female” (Galatians 3:28), so also in Christ there are neither people with disabilities nor people without disabilities. All are one in Christ Jesus.

How do we apply this statement of faith to ourselves? What are the experiences of people with disabilities in our faith community? How do churches minister to people living with disabilities? Explore these issues and more with others who will share their own experiences.

Part one (January 14) will cover ideas voiced in A Message on People Living with Disabilities, which aims to better articulate “this church’s teaching, calling and commitments regarding ministry and mission with those who live with physical, sensory, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.”

Part two (January 21) will focus more specifically on religion and mental health  issues across the life span.

January 28 – February 4 & 11 Feminist Vision Series

Part one (January 28) – Sonja Hagander, Augsburg University Pastor & Director of Ministries, Associate Director of Christensen Center for Vocation, and a daughter of PoP, will lead us in an interactive session on women and gender issues based on the new book Faith in Action, which will be available.

“Faith in Action will deepen your perspective on important issues—from racial justice to environmental concerns, from LGBTQIA equality to Native people’s rights, from women’s equality to disability rights, from mass incarceration to immigration—so that when you step out into the world to be an activist, advocate, and ally, you’ll have the tools and confidence you need.

Created by contributors with varied experiences in activism, faith, policy, and social change, Faith in Action is the book for you if you are ready to make a real difference.”

Part two (February 4) – Scott Tunseth & Carol Swanson will explore how to read the Bible through the unique lenses of feminist studies. What new insights can we gain from reading the Bible this way?