Peter Christ - October 1, 2023

God's Work, Our Hands

(and Feet, and Backs, and Voices, and… you get the point)

Scripture References: Exodus 3:1-15, Mark 14:32-36

From Series: "What's Next?"

God has placed a captivating mission before this community of believers, to “build the church and love the world.” God has also set a clarifying vision before us for “a vibrant community that seeks a transformational relationship with God, our neighbors, and one another, while responding authentically, creatively, and justly to the most compelling needs of our community.” So, we’re left to ask, what’s next? These mission and vision statements are, afterall, just words on paper or on the screen. Fortunately, this church is being served by a dedicated group of members who have been wrestling with this very question. And through their efforts, a plan for what is to come is starting to emerge. We’re also lucky to be returning once more into the story of God’s activity in the world as described in scripture. As we go back to the very beginning of the Bible and restart our weekly exploration, we might just uncover more clues for what is to follow in the weeks, months, and years to come. The ancient witness of Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, and Moses will offer us glimpses into how God's story might just be woven together with ours.

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