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As this congregation seeks to expand its pastoral team, it is the goal of the Congregation Council and Call Committee to make the call process as transparent and clearly communicated as possible.  Hopefully, in this section of our website you can find answers to any of the questions you might have.  You are also encouraged to reach out to our leaders should you need further help or clarification.


Jan. 2016 – Assoc. Pastor John Klawiter announces plan to leave PoP to accept call to Faith in Forest Lake.  Senior Pastor Anita Beste announces her intention to retire from call in August.

Jun.-Sept. 2016 – Mission Exploration Team (MET) works with Consultant Jim Pence to develop a pastoral leadership transition plan and a Ministry Site Profile (MSP) to seek a new Lead Pastor.

Oct.-Dec. 2016 – Call Committee works to identify a candidate for Lead Pastor.

Jan. 2017 – Reverend Peter Christ is called and installed to serve as the new Lead Pastor.

Mar. 2017 – Pastor Lynn Erickson agrees to serve part-time as an Interim Congregational Care Pastor, focusing on visitation, pastoral care and senior ministries.  She is available to serve through May, 2018.

Jul.-Dec. 2017 – Mission Staffing Exploration Team (MSET) is charged with developing a recommended staffing configuration for a desired pastoral and non-pastoral positions to address congregational needs and the shifting paradigms of the church.

Jan. 2018 – Congregation accepts the recommendations of the MSET-propsed staffing configuration.  The first phase of which includes calling a full-time Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and identifying a part-time Visitation and Congregational Care Pastor.  Either of these positions may also be served by the rostered diaconate (Deacons).

Mar. 2018 – Associate Pastor Call Committee is elected by the congregation and a Visitation Pastor Interview Committee is appointed by the Congregation Council.

Apr. 2018 – Deacon Krista Lind meets with the Call Committee to orient them to the work ahead.

May 2018 – Call and Interview Committee meet to draft and review candidate questions.  Pastor Peter meets individually with all the potential candidates.

June 2018 – Deacon Krista meets with Call Committee to present Associate Pastor candidate information and interviews with the committees are scheduled.

Associate Pastor Call Process

The Call Committee:

  • Ryan Burke
  • Deb Cordes (contact)
  • Jennifer Duncan, Chair (contact)
  • Jim Josephson
  • Sarah Schreiner
  • Linda Wagner

Steps along the way…

  • Synod staff orients call committee DONE
  • Call committee invites/solicits pastor candidate nominations from the congregation DONE
  • Call Committee prepares candidate packets (including MSP) and interview questions DONE
  • Call Committee meets with synod staff to receive candidate names DONE
  • Call Committee does 1st and 2nd round of interviews, gathers other information (including sermon, reference & background checks) & discerns final candidate ACTIVE
  • Call Committee presents recommendation to congregation council
  • President/Congregation Council does background check and sets the date for the congregational meeting
  • The President/Congregation Council may see the Rostered Minister Profile (RMP) and may meet with the final candidate, while recognizing the decision belongs to the congregation.
  • Personnel Committee, Council and candidate agree to a proposed compensation package
  • Where appropriate, candidate meets with staff and/or interim pastor
  • A “meet and greet” reception with candidate may be held in advance of the congregational vote
  • Synod staff completes the state law-mandated inquiry with assistance of candidate under Minnesota statute 604.20 (“Sexual Exploitation Background Check”).
  • Congregation votes on candidate.
  • Council president/secretary prepares and signs the Letter of Call including completed Definition of Compensation, Benefits and Responsibilities of the Pastor form.

Supporting Document Links

Visitation Pastor Selection Process

The Interview Committee

  • Anne Haugan
  • Gary Olson
  • Janet Schreiner
  • Esther Tatley


Welcome Pastor Ruth Sorenson-Prokosch

After prayerful discernment, the Visitation and Congregation Care Pastor Interview committee unanimously recommended and the Prince of Peace Council moved to enter into a covenant agreement for pastoral ministry with Pastor Ruth Sorenson-Prokosch. Pastor Ruth will join us July 22nd at both services. Please introduce you and your family to our new pastor!

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June Visitation Pastor Update

Here is an update from the committee working to identify our new Visitation & Congregational Care Pastor. Candidates have met with Pastor Peter and will be with the committee soon.

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Call Committee FAQ

What is “faith formation?” What’s the difference between a Pastor and a Deacon? How long will the call process take? Listed here are responses to some of the most common questions we’ve been receiving about the call and selection processes for our two new pastoral leaders.

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What’s all this talk about “Faith Formation?”

You’ve been hearing the phrase “faith formation” a lot lately.  It has roots that run deep within the broader Church.  Terms like “Christian education” and “spiritual development” feel too limited in describing what the church is called to do. Forming faith is something that is just as important for 70-year olds as it is for 7-year olds.

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Associate Pastor or Deacon Nominations

The task of calling a pastor or deacon belongs to our congregation. As members of the call committee, we want to invite all members to participate to some degree in the process of calling our next pastor. Included here is a form for you to submit your nominations directly to the committee.

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