by Steve Sveom, Task Force Chair

The Campus Planning Task Force involved between 10-20 participants every other week from April 2023 to January 2024.  For some, decisions were too slow and for others, appropriate caution prevailed.  From Solar energy considerations to various forms of housing meant to address the needs of people, a deep commitment to the ministry of PoP was evident.  Participants were thoughtful, faithful and committed to the task.  

Tasks completed

  • Hosting an open house for the community;
  • Working to attain an interim use permit for our tiny home settlement; Bringing a proposal for congregational consideration on continuation of our settlement and expansion to 3 units; 
  • Proposing a solar energy carport which has since been placed on hold; Meeting with developers regarding various options to address needs of the unstably housed among us; 
  • Participating with professional architects in a pro bono design exercise; Considering ongoing facility needs and possibilities; 
  • Gathering information of zoning and city regulations that affect use of our property; 
  • Providing an open-ended report.

There will be future opportunities for involvement in the work that has been done and that which still needs to be done.  Join in the fun!