by Debbie Jorgens, Director of Congregational Care & Visitation

Things don’t always go according to plan. Such was the case this past December 14th when over 50 people gathered in the gym for the “Seniors’ Winter Social and Christmas Party!” 

Guests arrived at the appointed time, spreading Christmas cheer while sipping holiday punch. Santa warmly welcomed everyone and provided a fun lesson on the history of St. Nicholas before leading us in a devotion and table grace. English carolers strolled around, providing lovely background music as guests enjoyed their Scandinavian meatball dinner. So far, so good! 

But then, suddenly, we were all taken by surprise! We hadn’t even finished singing our first Christmas carol when, out of the blue, a woman came waltzing into the room, wearing a black dress and pointed black hat. Why, it was Witch Hazel! What in the world was she doing here?

As it turned out, Witch Hazel was as stunned as the rest of us, as she thought she was attending a Halloween Party! Admitting her confusion, she apologized profusely for interrupting our Christmas luncheon before beginning to pull a few things out of a bag she had brought along. Among the items was an old book that Witch Hazel proceeded to read to us. It was called, “The Velveteen Rabbit” – a beautiful, heartwarming story about the transformative power of love. What a perfect message for a Christmas celebration! 

Witch Hazel’s appearance at our Seniors’ Winter Social may not have been part of the plan, but it turned out to be a wonderful surprise, making the event all the more fun (and memorable) for everyone who came!