Dr. Gabrielle Clowdus, visionary and co-founder of Settled, will be with us to describe the significance and promise of using a “full community” approach to addressing chronic homelessness. She’ll describe how the research she conducted as a PhD candidate in architecture at the University of MN has led her to uncover a more promising and affordable way to address the needs of the chronically homeless in the Twin Cities. Her own life of faith inspired her to co-create this new non-profit organization, working alongside faith communities throughout the metro to make real a new model for sustainable communities and relationships that serve the homeless. Learn more about Gabrielle here.

Following the forum and again after the 10:45am service, there will be a chance to visit the tiny homes and the common house. Meet Valerie, the Bearys (and their dog Bella). There will also be a table of goods for sale that are created in the Settled Workshop which offers purposeful work for current and future residents of Sacred Settlements.