Today’s Author: Kent Olson

Photo by Piret Ilver on Unsplash

John 5:1-18

Perhaps another message of the story of Jesus’ healing on the sabbath concerns the source of our laws and the measure of our wisdom.

Why is healing on the sabbath considered a violation of resting on the sabbath?  The Jews became upset with Jesus because he was violating the law as they knew the law. Jesus saw people who needed help and then helped even on the sabbath. When asked why, Jesus said he was working on the sabbath because God was working on the sabbath. Jesus is throwing out the rules, the earthly rules. I hear not just that Jesus heals, but that there is a higher authority than earthly laws. 

I think about that as I encounter laws today (church laws and secular laws). I think, “Is this a law from God or is this a law that someone else on earth decided was needed to maintain some earthly view of order and through their earthly selective reasoning called it something from God to persuade others?” Are laws made for the love of others or for the love of someone’s view of how order should be defined?

At some point in time, we may be asked to take up our mat and walk even on the sabbath. 

Are we ready?

Prayer: God, lead us in your wisdom to discern how to best live in today’s world, how to care for all your children. Help us to see the need of others and to look for ways to help them. Help us live as you want us to live. Help us to love everyone, even our enemies. Amen.

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